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Limited liability company LARN 32® is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of the materials and equipment for oil spill response operations (OSR).

sorbens "Newsorb"


 The product pool includes only ecologically clean products.

Universal hydrophobic peat sorbent “Newsorb” is equally effective both on water and solid surface. “Newsorb” strikes a balance between maximum sorption capacity and operational flexibility.
Mineral sorbents “Newsorb-M” and “Newsorb-M plus” are used on solid surface. These sorbents are not wafted away and are neutral, which is necessary both for oil and lubes skimming, as well as for skimming of toxic and poisonous substances, acids, alkalies, and other dangerous chemical agents.
Polymeric sorbent “Newsorb-PPU” has maximum sorption capacity, and what is more important, it can be used separately, as well as be a filler of various sorbing products.
We offer a wide range of hydrophobic absorbent products – from blankets and pads to sorbent booms. One should pay special attention to perforated sorbent blankets, which can substitute a great amount of end absorbent products. 

oil booms


 Booms are used to localize and combat oil spill in water.         

Larn 32® manufactures different booms that meet all your operational needs. To effectively join boom sections, especially different types of booms, we use universal aluminium intrinsically safe ASTM connectors.
Classical containment boom “BN” with a cylindric float has worked really well in practice and has many advantages. It is effectively used both in standing water bodies and in streamflows. The highly flexible construction allows the BN-boom to closely follow the wave movements, as well as to show wind load capacity.
Flat containment boom “BNf” has a flat float. Booms of this type can be kept on boom reels and are really compact, which facilitates transporting.
Universal containment boom “BNu” is a combination of containment “BN-boom” and sorbent boom. It is used where small-scale oil spills are frequent. The design of “BNu-boom” guarantees quick sorbent element change.
Shoreline protective boom “BNsp” is designed to protect shore line and river banks. Its specific construction makes it an inflatable boom, which fits flush to the ground. It can also be used as a normal containment boom in water.
Swamp boom “BNs”  is a compact light containment boom used at backwaters and on the soil. Boom sections are made of intrinsically safe aluminium alloy, and have flexible hose connections to repeat the shape of the ground.
Floating swamp boom “BNsf” works as a swamp boom and at the same time as a floating containment boom. These booms have high mechanical reliability and suit both swamps and shallow waters, as well as open water.
Winter boom “BNw” is a light and compact boom used to localize oil spills under ice. “BNw-booms” are basically an underwater containment booms, set in an ice hole.
Fire “BNo” booms are effective under harsh conditions when there is a direct contact with burning oil-products. Booms of this type are made of stainless heat-resistant steel and are temperature and marine corrosion resistant. 



 The types of skimmers available include weir, oleophilic and vacuum skimmers.

Weir skimmers are capable of recovering a wide range of liquid oil products floating on the water surface. These skimmers have self-adjusting weirs, which lets them regulate the amount of oil products recovered from the water surface.
Weir skimmers “PN-2” and “PN-3” are equipped with ASTM connectors arranged for connecting skimmers to the boom chains.
Weir skimmer “PN-4” is a circular skimmer fitted with a floating central ring in order to provide skimming in all directions. It may be used inside boom containment and in still waters.
Oleophilic skimmers “SO” are designed for mechanical skimming of sticky oil and oil products on water. They are characterized by a small percentage of water picked up with the oil. The SO skimmers are available in a variety of configurations, and include four models with different operating efficiency.
Vacuum Systems “UVM” are basically compact and transportable skimmers, designed specifically for skimming all types of liquids from land or water, as well as for being used at difficult-to-reach areas. Vacuum Systems “UVM” are equipped with vacuum-compressor stations, which lets them not only skim off oil and products, but also dump out without using any extra equipment like transfer pumps.
Vacuum system “UVM-1” is equipped with wheels in order to provide fast delivery of the system by rescue team to the spill site, as well as to difficult-to-reach areas.
Vacuum system “UVM-2” is a combined vacuum system and storage tank all mounted on a trailer, which provides fast and convenient delivery by road to the OSR sites.
Vacuum system “UVM-3” is a light in weight transportable construction, compact and with aluminium receptacle.



 LARN 32® manufactures a wide range of tanks, designed for temporarily storage of oil and oil products, as well as for water storage.

The tanks are available in a variety of sizes from 1 to 500 m³.
Frame tanks “FT” are used for oil products storage during OSR operations. These are portable tanks with lightweight frames. They are simply unfolded or erected and ready to fill. These are self-supporting tanks, filled without special tools.
Frame tank “FTp” are designed for temporarily oil and oil products storage, are compact, transportable and lightweight, and are exceedingly simple and quick to erect.
Aluminium dome-shaped tanks “RS” have high exploitation capacity and have aluminium skin that plays the role of the frame and protects from mechanical damage.
Containment pools are one more alternative of temporarily storage. Made of PVC, they are put inside a ready foundation pit and are ground-mounted.


 OSR operations always raise the question of treating and disposing of spent sorbents, oily grass, sorbent products, oily rags and oil waste. 

Our company offers two waste treatment systems. “Fakel-60” are basically two cyclonic barrel burners that provide controllable and safe oily wastes burning to the fullest extent possible, in comparison with open burning. These waste treatment systems provide reduction of atmospheric releases of hazardous substances. 


 LARN 32® manufactures non-sparking aluminium entrenching tools of many use, of different shapes and configurations.

The tools don’t spark, offer excellent resistance to corrosion and are non-magnetic, which allows for safe use in the areas with fire and explosion risks. Non-sparking entrenching tools are used during OSR operations to disperse sorbents on water and in land, to collect waste sorbents, to remove contaminated soil, as well as for tank cleaning and for earth-works.



 LARN 32® offers small oil-recovery vessels suitable for OSR operations on water.

Such catamaran-type motor boats are basically multifunctional widely applicable vessels.
Made of aluminium alloy, these are non-sparkable oil-recovery vessels, used in the potential fire risk areas. Safety enclosure and flat deck provide personnel safety during OSR operations. The construction of the vessels provides longitudinal and transverse stability, stability in roll and rollover protection. Due to its shallow draft, the catamaran can be used in very shallow waters, making it ideal for shoreline clean-up operations.
Catamaran CB-1 has many applications, including equipment deliveries, boom deployment, sorbent application, etc.
Oil-recovery catamaran enables rapid response to a variety of different oil spill situations. It is equipped with an oleophilic skimmer with hydraulic motor.


 Emergency packs are represented by materials, facilities and tools packs enabling OSR operations.

We offer emergency packs of different sizes, functions and range of applications.
LARN safety systems made for railway containers, trucks and trailers, include all the necessary equipment, tools and facilities for OSR operations.
Service kits for gas stations and emergency service vehicles are used to localize and to give a quick response to minor oil, oil products and system fluids spillage at gas stations, petroleum refineries and oil production enterprises, sea and river ports. The kits are delivered in containers or special bags.
Deck spill kits meet Russian River Register regulations, and are designed for minor shipboard deck spillages during refueling, etc. The packs are offered in plastic containers.
Vessel OSR kit is designed for localizing and removing minor oil and oil products spillage on the vessels during transportation and refueling. The kit has different specifications depending on the demand and conditions.


 Accessory equipment includes tools and facilities designed for a wide range of extra tasks.

Sorbent sprayer “ARS” mechanizes the very process of coverage, simplifies sorbent dispersal in difficult-to-reach areas, ensures even coverage and optimizes sorbent consumption.
Sorbent collector “ACC” is designed to collect dry unused sorbent from the ground.
Sorbent saturated with oil products is carried to squeezer for it to be squeezed out and returned back for reuse.
Retaining walls “PS” are basically a mechanical barrier that helps localize or turn the oil course when the spill occurs at the water surface slopes.
In winter, during OSR operations ice-crushing chainsaw sleds are used. Chainsaw sleds “LU” are used in the process of “BNw” booms deployment in winter. They are utilized in frozen waters to make holes and slots in the ice. The “LU” can also be equipped with an ice extracting machine “UILB-300”.
LARN 32® offers different installations utilized during transportation and boom deployment. Towing bridles are utilized to deliver booms to the area of deployment, anchor systems provide boom deployment, and we also offer hand winches that ease the process of deployment.
Oil-water separators “SNV” are used to separate oil and oil products from the water, as well as in the process of tank, recipient or container cleaning. Our separators can also be connected to skimmers, and can continuously separate the oil-water mixture.
Lightning set OU-2000 is designed to provide light in the working areas during OSR operations. The lightning set is compact and easily mounted/dismounted.


  Detergents and biological agents are used when some oily wastes can’t be recovered.

Detergent (or dispersant) “Avant-A” is utilized for manual and automatic touch-free washing, and it is used for removal of pollutants.


  Boom reels are used for compact boom storage, as well as to ease transportation, and to quickly deploy the booms at the moorings and vessels.

Boom reels enable you to store the booms close to potential oil spill sites, simplify the deployment, and as the result – provide quick oil spill response.

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